Senior DevOps Engineer

New York, United States | Full-time | Partially remote


About Oden:

We are on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution.

Manufacturing has long been an analog world, but this is rapidly changing.  There is a staggering opportunity for improving the efficiency of current manufacturing processes, and enabling the next generation of manufacturing through the effective gathering, analysis, and productionization of data and insights. Oden is driving this revolution. 

We have a cloud solution that combines large-scale data processing architectures and advanced machine learning algorithms so all manufacturers can monitor, analyze and optimize their production, across their diverse set of processes. Our goal is to democratize efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness in the manufacturing domain.

Why We Do It:

We like to enable those who make things - to make more, to waste less, to serve their customers, and to thrive in a competitive world. Help enough makers, and the world can give us all the abundance we want for less cost and environmental impact.


  • Care about the purpose of the product and the company.
  • Are never satisfied with the way things are, but excited about the way things could be.
  • Embrace data and different technologies and want to see how they can work together.
  • Empathize with customer needs and enjoy novel ways of posing and solving their problems.
  • Live by transparent and scientific thinking. You put in the work to find the best ideas with those around you.

The Role:

As a Senior DevOps Engineer on the Cloud Platform team, you will be responsible for making decisions on process re-engineering, technologies, standards and frameworks to help implement features in a cloud environment. This is a crucial role for Oden and requires someone who will uphold the highest standards of quality, accountability, and attention to detail.

Here are some of the things you’ll do here:

  • Engage in and improve the whole lifecycle of services—from inception and design, through deployment, operation and refinement
  • Develop and maintain application infrastructure for factory data collection and processing services
  • Maintain services and devices once they are live by measuring and monitoring availability, latency and overall system health, building tooling to do so as necessary
  • Support services before they go live through activities such as system design consulting, developing software platforms and frameworks, capacity planning and launch reviews
  • Scale systems sustainably and evolve systems by pushing for changes that improve reliability and velocity

Here are some things that will help you be successful in this role: 

  • 7+ years experience building, analyzing and troubleshooting large-scale fault-tolerant distributed systems
  • 1+ years experience with scaling and maintaining container-based application deployment and orchestration frameworks such as (but not limited to) Kubernetes, Mesos or Amazon ECS
  • 1+ years experience with infrastructure-as-code tools such as (but not limited to) Terraform, Amazon Cloudformation, Google Cloud Deployment Manager
  • Strong demonstrated CS fundamentals with experience writing code in one or more languages such as Go, Python and/or similar
  • Breadth and depth across transport and application protocols such as REST, gRPC and GraphQL, and the lower-level protocols undergirding them (DNS, HTTP, etc)
  • Solid understanding of TCP/IP networking fundamentals

Here’s a look at some of the languages, tools, and frameworks you’ll use here:

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Kubernetes, Linkerd, Helm
  • Terraform
  • Google PubSub, Apache Beam
  • Bash, Python, Go, Java

What We Offer You:

  • Measurable impact on the world and the chance to help real people - family businesses, entrepreneurs, engineers.
  • Exposure to many tech disciplines, most of which are rapidly evolving.
  • A bridge between the physical and cloud worlds of tech. Our platform unites big data visualizations with sensors, M2M tech, and heavy industrial equipment.
  • A platform that has the potential to evolve beyond what we have envisioned now.
  • Scientific and transparent thinking, for everyone involved.
  • Backing by world leaders of both industry and tech that will ensure long-term growth and development for us.

We’re an equal opportunity employer (EOE). 

Diversity at Oden means building a team that is rich across all boundaries of race, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age and thinking style. We welcome all backgrounds, life experiences, and worldviews as this is the catalyst for the rapid evolution of our product and our organization. Diversity allows us to tackle new challenges, embrace change, make well-informed decisions, and ultimately Make Things Better. In alignment with our “People First” company value, Oden has a passionate internal team dedicated to the promotion of diversity and inclusion initiatives as a core component of our culture.

Our diversity initiatives apply to our practices and policies on recruiting, compensation and benefits; professional development; promotions; social activities, and the ongoing development of a psychologically safe work environment.