Forward Deployed Engineer

New York, United States Full-time

About Oden:

We are on the brink of the next industrial revolution.

Manufacturing has long been an analog world, but this is about to change.  By introducing machines to the digital world, there’s a staggering opportunity for efficiency and production leaps. Oden is driving this revolution. We’re on a mission to eliminate waste in manufacturing.

We have combined industrial hardware, wireless connectivity, and big data architecture into one simple platform so all manufacturers can analyze and optimize their production, from any device. Efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness are democratized.

Why We Do It:

We like to enable those who make things - to make more, to waste less, to serve their customers, and to thrive in a competitive world. Help enough makers, and the world can give us all the abundance we want for less cost and environmental impact. We’re on the verge of a 4th industrial revolution that begs for absolute efficiency in all factors of life. We plan to deliver that to everyone who makes things.


  • Care about the purpose of the product and company.
  • Are never satisfied with the way things are, but excited about the way things could be.
  • Tinker. You embrace different technologies and want to see how they can work together.
  • Don’t mind putting on steel toe boots and hitting the factory floor to work with the production manager.
  • Empathize with customer needs while also looking towards long-term innovation.
  • Live by transparent and scientific thinking. You put in the work to find the best ideas with those around you, without ego.
  • Don’t mind travel

The Role:

The Forward Deployed Engineer position will be responsible for deploying, installing, monitoring and improving our on-premise devices, as well as building out the code that runs on them. Much of the code is communicating at low level (ex: Modbus) with industrial machinery and reporting back to our analytics platform. This is a crucial role for Oden, and requires someone who will uphold the highest standards of quality, accountability, and attention to detail.

Responsibilities Include But Not Limited To:

  • Due diligence towards investigating new machines. This involves reading manuals to determine options needed to enable COMs, access correct register values, and develop the corresponding code that reports metrics to our backend analytics platform.
  • Monitoring and improving on-premise devices
  • Low level network and serial debugging
  • Travel up to 50% to new factories to deploy new machines and to improve our processes so we get closer to self-service plug-and-play deployments.
  • Creating, and leading, complex installation projects from start-to-finish and interfacing with client engineers and maintenance personnel to get things done quickly.


  • From only being told the machine make and model, you can gather enough information to determine how to talk to it, what commands to send (and not send), and put together a preliminary script to test on first contact.
  • High attention to detail and thorough in both testing and information gathering.
  • Extremely organized, diligent, and know how to prioritize tasks to execute complex projects.
  • Able to manage projects directly with clients in an effective and professional manner.
  • Comfortable with the inner workings of Debian and Linux systems in general.
  • Familiar with tcpdump, nmap, netcat, and are able to debug network and routing issues.
  • Intermediate Python knowledge, with a focus on serial and network communication, optimization and Linux integration.
  • Know how to debug embedded devices and are familiar with null modem serial cables and JTAG interfaces.
  • Independent thinker who can keep a high-level perspective of overall business goals and know how daily details play into the direction of the company.


  • Familiar with I2C, SPI and GPIO
  • Experience reverse engineering a serial or network communications protocols.
  • Know how to get a cross compiler toolchain for ARM up and running
  • Beginner-level electronic engineering experience. (Enough to debug basic implementations with a multimeter and oscilloscope)
  • Some C experience.


What We Offer You:

  • Measurable impact to the world. You have the chance to help actual people - family businesses, entrepreneurs, engineers - that will also result in improvements for many.
  • Exposure to many tech disciplines, most of which are rapidly evolving.
  • A bridge between the physical and cloud worlds of tech. Our platform unites big data visualizations with sensors, M2M tech, and heavy industrial equipment.
  • A platform that has the potential to evolve beyond what we have envisioned now.
  • Scientific and transparent thinking, for everyone involved.
  • We have backing by world leaders of both industry and tech that will ensure long term growth and development for us.


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